Saturday, August 8, 2009


My niece, miss Amelia Phelps. She is adorable, and I know you can't tell this from the picture, but her hair has little highlights in it. It looks like she spent her first day of life at the salon:) She is Kari's daughter for SURE.

More of the cuteness.

I love her scrawny little newborn limbs! And my phone is in that picture on purpose so you can get a sense of how small she is.

Baby girl with mama.

The little sweetheart with her daddy.


  1. Excellent photos! Hope you'e having a wonderful time (though it doesn't seem I have to hope much, every time I talk to you guys you are!)

  2. Ahhh! She is so beautiful. Please pass my congratulations on to Kari.

  3. What a sweetie! She wins the cute contest, today! Congratulations!


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