Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why you really read my blog

I haven't posted any pictures in awhile, so today you get pictures and an update. Here she is looking awfully innocent. Don't be fooled!

Here she is looking mischievous. Much more accurate.

Enjoying one of her Christmas presents-- bath toys! Kalena thinks bath time is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Playing with toys plus water! What could be better?!

Check out those chompers.

As for the update here's the info:

She has two teeth (as pictured above.) Her favorite food is sweet potatoes. After that, chicken with sweet potatoes. Then other orange foods (carrots and squash), green beans, and other veggies. She's not too big on fruit but she'll tolerate applesauce. She still thinks rice cereal is flavorless mush...which is true. She started sitting up on her own (without needing her hands to prop herself up) just after 6 months and started pulling herself up to standing soon after that.

She is pretty fascinated by our dogs-- she likes to watch them run by and always wants to touch them. They would like her to leave them ALONE. But they're good dogs so they just run away whenever they see her grabby little hand reaching for them. I'm sure when she starts dropping food on the floor they will learn to love her (or at least appreciate her messiness.)

There you have it. It's a good things she's cute because she's a trouble maker! Okay fine, she's just curious but sheesh, you can't leave this girl alone for 2 seconds!


  1. Chompers, nothin' - look at the MOUTH! It's like a giant black hole from which no sweet potato will ever escape :)

  2. Loved the update! That's not trouble...I can show you trouble!

  3. I love that smile! Such a cutie.


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