Friday, January 2, 2009

The Nativities

I promised pictures of my nativities so here you go.

The first one we bought with some Christmas money in 2006, the first Christmas we were married. (It's from Big Sky Carvers and normally they're pretty expensive but the store was discontinuing this set so they were like 60% off.) This isn't the whole set, you can also get moose dressed as sheep, a camel, and a cow, but they didn't have those at the store. I may need to order them online...

This one was a gift from Brian's mom in 2006. All the characters in this one can be hung as Christmas ornaments, but I like to set them out. Aren't they cute?

This one was a Christmas gift from Brian in 2007. It's probably the most traditional nativity set we have. Since it's ceramic it's also probably the most breakable, so I imagine it will keep its place on top of the bookcase for many years. Interestingly, it's also the only nativity I have where baby Jesus and the manger are two separate pieces.

This one was a gift from Brian's mom for Christmas in 2007. I don't know how much you can see from the picture, but all the pieces are hand painted and the detail is GORGEOUS.

I bought this one this year. I stopped by the stand to look at them every time I was at the mall so I finally bought one. Obviously this can also be hung as an ornament but we didn't even put up the tree this year so it just got set out.

Sorry about the glare on this one. Without the flash the pictures were blurry (and you could see my reflection which was a little weird.) This one was a gift from Brian's mom this year, and it is magnetic (that's our fridge creating that lovely glare.) I'm sure Kalena will enjoy playing with this one next year and I'm guessing it will be much loved (and abused) by little hands in the years to come.

Another addition this year, the last one was a gift from Brian for Christmas. Maybe I need a nativity tree with all these nativity ornaments?

Anyway, I love nativities. Obviously. I know everyone has their own favorite decoration, so tell me yours!


  1. I have a plastic Precious Moments one that my kids LOVE. I think we have rescued baby Jesus from the toilet, under the bed, under the entertainment center, etc...

  2. Sweet merciful crap, are those MOOSE?! MUST. HAVE. MOOSE. NATIVITY. Where in the world did you get that? Hahaha

  3. I got mine at Hallmark, but you can get them online at under the Big Sky Christmas link. They have one that's bears that I want too.

  4. I loved looking at all your nativities! What fun! You have some great ones, but as a mom of
    6, I loved the magnetic one! It was so cute and looks like loads of fun for years to come!! (No, I didn't mean to rhyme, it just happpens all the time!)


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