Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was in her eyelashes and everything

Kalena isn't generally a super messy eater, but the other day I made the mistake of trying to feed her when she was tired. About halfway through a jar of squash she put her hands in her mouth and then proceeded to rub her eyes. Of course, that meant I was obligated to take the "baby with food all over her face" picture, and now you are obligated to look at it! Okay, you aren't actually obligated to look at the pictures, but you should-- she's still pretty cute, even with squash all over her face.

You can tell how tired she is here because I couldn't get her to smile the giant smile she normally gives. (You know, this smile, the one that caused Kirsta to call Kalena's mouth a black hole.)


  1. Dear Kalena, the other night I fell asleep with half an ice cream sandwich hanging out of my mouth. It's tough being a hungry but exhausted girl!

  2. That was cute.... Really. I liked the picture.

  3. Oh yes - and it gets even better when she wants to feed herself! That's when they eat in the nude (plus a diaper).

  4. Not a messy eater. Lucky you! Libby has always rubbed it in her eyes and ears and every crevice she can find. I'm jealous!


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