Monday, November 30, 2009

There you have it

Back in this post I said I'd tell you the most depressing book I've ever read. I have to agree with Kirsta and Kari, Angela's Ashes takes the cake. Probably because it's true. There were parts where I would think, "How can people possibly live like that?" And then it would just get WORSE. If you don't like depressing, don't read it.

The book I didn't find depressing (but my friend did) was The Lovely Bones. It's definitely not a happy story, but lots of stories aren't happy. Part of it may be that when books come out and get great reviews and all I hear is how amazing the book is, I have high expectations. Usually those expectations aren't met. You'd think after being disappointed a couple times I'd learn my lesson and stop having such high expectations, but no.

Anyway, I made it through November again. I'm not sure I said much of anything, but then again I'm not sure I ever do.


  1. Lovely Bones was very hard for me to read. I'm not sure if it was the MOST depressing (but it was up there). I can't even imagine reading it now as a mom. I will NOT be seeing that movie. Too much. (I remember Angela's Ashes being depressing but it didn't stick in my head as the most either. I'll have to really put some thought into what mine would be. I know the end of The Kite Runner really got me).

  2. i enjoyed every post! keep it up. i love hearing what y'all are up to. if i was a reader i would comment on the books, but i'm not. twilight was my first read since college.

  3. I own the Lovely Bones but i've never read it, but last time I went to the movies I saw a preview for it and now I might read it, lol. You should keep blogging every day! It really entertained me!!


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