Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No news

Turns out they didn't do a cervical check on Monday so I have no idea how things are going yet. I'm getting a little antsy to have this baby, not because I'm uncomfortable, just because I'd REALLY like to have him a reasonable amount of time before Christmas. (For those of you saying, "Maybe you should have thought about that last March..." I KNOW.)

Of course, wanting to have the baby is not (apparently) motivator enough to make me get things done. I'm done Christmas shopping for Kalena, and that's it. (Okay, I have ONE thing for Brian.) Parents? Siblings? Anyone else? Nope. Mailed the Christmas cards? Nope. Written the Christmas cards? NOPE. Finished the receiving blankets or Kalena's baby book, both of which I SWORE I'd have done by the end of the year? Nope and nope. I keep thinking, yeah yeah, I'll get to it. And then I realize today is the 9th already and I freak out a little bit. So. Anyone want to watch Kalena for the next week or so so I have time to get things done?


  1. Yeah I haven't done anything either. Oh wait I guess that's not true I did mail out a few cards. I have not bought any presents.

  2. I should have done my Christmas shopping before my surgery when I could drive myself places and lift things, but I didn't.

    I think you're in good company


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