Friday, November 13, 2009

That's Colorado for you

Today it's been cloudy all day and the snow finally started falling around 3:30 pm. A few inches have collected now, and as far as I know it's still snowing. But yesterday? Yesterday was gorgeous. While we were out running errands we took advantage of The Gorgeous and took the kids to a park near Kirsta's house.

Patrick is an old pro, but Kalena had her first experience feeding ducks. She wasn't *quite* sure why we were throwing the bread instead of eating it (she ate some anyway) but she had a good time.
This picture doesn't even begin to capture Kalena's excitement when she first started swinging on the swings. (But I still thought she looked cute here.)
Enjoying the tunnels at the playground.
This is one of my favorites. This was her first trip down the slide so she's a little unsure, but Patrick is there to help her along:)
And as if they weren't adorable enough, Patrick calls her "Na Na" (like he's saying the end of Kalena twice.) Every time she leaves the room he looks around and asks, "Na Na?" like, "where'd she go?" Too cute.

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  1. Too cute! She does look a little wary in the top pick about giving away yummy bread! And I can just see Patrick in the slide picture thinking "GOOOO!" haha


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