Thursday, March 22, 2012


For those of you keeping track at home, today was my actual due date. Beyond being incredibly thankful that I haven't been pregnant for the last 11 days, I'm grateful that Daniel was born when he was. See, last week was Spring Break around here and this year ALL my siblings were in town for it (or part of it at least.) However, my sisters' visits only overlapped by a day. Kari and her family didn't come in until Sunday and Kirsta and her family left on Monday.

Look- it's all 5 of us!

(Soaking wet hair pulled back into a bun- not the best look for me.)

Anyway, this meant everyone was here Sunday afternoon when Daniel was born. Instead of phone calls, Brian gathered everyone up Sunday evening and told them about Daniel's diagnosis. Everyone got to come visit him in the hospital, and everyone was here to support us at a really emotional time. It's just one more thing I'm grateful for.


  1. I definitely don't think it was a mistake that he was born that day. I'm glad we all could be together.

    I'm glad Karl doesn't look like a doof in your picture!

    Also, why do I look 5 months pregnant here? Hmm, can someone please come and help me lose belly fat? Thanks.

  2. I love it when things work out like that. :)

  3. I'm so glad that you had your family with you! That is such a blessing :-)

  4. I'm so glad it worked out for all your family to be together. What a blessing.

  5. It is amazing how things come together sometimes.

  6. Hey, you managed to catch Karl looking normal. I didn't think he ever just stood and smiled for a picture. That's probably the first time in 13 years or something!

  7. How wonderful that everyone could be there.


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