Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby things

Since my list of big events was depressing, my friend at Doing My Best suggested in the comments that instead I make a list of favorite baby gifts and things I might like or need for this new baby. And who am I to deny my lovely readers? (Also I love talking about baby stuff.) So here goes!

Favorite baby gifts with Kalena:
1. Homemade swaddle blankets that were much bigger than those tiny receiving blankets. GREAT for swaddling. They were also very girly, so they've been passed to my nieces. 
2. Baby sign books. Specifically this one and this one. I hadn't thought much about signing, and even though we don't do much of it, I think it definitely helps with communication before they're talking.
3. Okay, obviously we got some really, REALLY cute clothes (because who can resist cute clothes for a baby girl?!) but one outfit in particular stands out as a favorite: A white onesie with pink trim and tiny pink flamingos embroidered all over plus pink capris with little white flamingos embroidered all over them. Size 18 months and ADORABLE. 
4. A pack-n-play. Actually, TWO of them! I had some super-generous friends in Texas and ended up with a pack-n-play from my baby shower given by my church friends AND one at the shower given by my work friends. (We exchanged one for a bouncy chair and some other stuff. Still- SO NICE!)
5. One of those little "baby care" kits with a thermometer and bulb sucker and baby nail clippers and such. Totally practical, and totally something I hadn't really thought about. Definitely handy!

Favorites with Will:
Umm, I didn't have a baby shower with Will so I'm sort of blanking on what gifts we even got. A couple friends did make me a cute diaper cake though! Oh, and Brian's grandma sent us a giftcard that we spent on a swing. Will slept in that thing SO MUCH. That was excellent.

Favorites with this baby:
1. One of my friends covered one of those little plastic wipes cases in cute fabric. Great for a diaper bag and very much appreciated since the only other wipes case we have is pink and says something about being a princess.
2. My parents and sister bought us a new car seat! Because ours expired. So yahoo for not having that expense!
3. Another friend made us one of those great full-sized hooded towels. And she made an extra one when she heard Will didn't have one! 

Now, obviously since this next baby is a third child and a second boy, we have pretty much everything we need. However, there are still a few things I'm on the lookout for:

1. A coming home outfit. We have some great hand-me-downs but coming home from the hospital warrants a new outfit.
2. Some sort of lovey for him. We didn't introduce Will's bear until he was 9 months old. I won't be waiting that long this time around. Maybe something like this. I don't want something that rattles though.
3. Maybe some of these oversized swaddle blankets. To replace the girly ones.
4. We may have to break down and buy a new bouncy chair. The one we're getting back (my sister has it right now) has been used by at least 5 kids. We'll see how it's holding up.

And there you have it. Now you: what's the best baby gift you've been given? Or the best one you've given? I personally have a weakness for giving tiny adorable outfits, so I'm not sure I've ever made someone's "favorite gifts" list. 


  1. I usually give baby legs as gifts because a lot of new parents don't know they exist and they are thd greatest baby items ever.

  2. I've never heard of baby legs.. What are they? Also, I'm bringing you lots of swaddlers and I'll bring you some big Swaddle blankets from the hospital. You may have to break down and buy a new bouncy chair because not only is this one on its last leg but Addilyn still uses it!

  3. Since becoming pregnant and putting together a registry I have discovered I wasn't giving the most exciting gifts or maybe even useful. That just means though that the next baby shower I attend as a guest I will most likely be making a hooter hider or something along those lines.

  4. Our car seat will (probably) expire before we have a third baby, too. SO annoying.

    I can't really think of any awesome gifts we've gotten. We mostly ask for boring stuff.

  5. I think the best baby gift we ever received with Ezra were books. He still reads almost all of the board books we received.

    With Iris we didn't really get many traditional baby gifts due to her sneak attack birh. But when she came home, my mom and church reached out and arranged weeks worth of meals. THAT was awesome.

  6. One of John's Aunts has knitted a sweater for each of the girls an they have all worn them a lot! I love knitting for other's, although I don;t have much time for it lately.

  7. We got some amazing gifts that I really loved but I think I was most excited about the car seat and pack n play my coworkers got me. It was my first shower and those were two big things that were necessities I didn't have to buy.

  8. I am looking for newborn baby gifts and roaming the net for ideas and hope you guys can help.

  9. The swaddle blankets you like are the ones I had on my registry.

  10. I want homemade swaddle blankets! Hmmm...I may have to look into making some.

  11. I love this post =)! What's your favorite color (*innocent whistling* no reason!)? (And what's Kalena's favorite color?) I will plan on sending you some waiting-for-baby CDPs as soon as I can, and, since the universe loves to foil my plans, that should put you right into labor ;-)!

  12. I'm late to this post but I have to chime in: I love baby legs for my little guy! Great to layer under pants in the winter and super for the crawler when it's shorts weather. My son's favorite loveys are the square one by Taggies (sold at Target),the flatopus (sp?) dog by American Bear (there are so many cute animals in the line) and the frog from Angel Dear (sooo soft). Daniel is adorable!


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