Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thumb sucking: the follow-up

Remember back when I was wondering whether Will would be a thumbsucker?  And then I thought probably yes?  Well, I was wrong.  He didn't quit altogether (unfortunately) and my half-hearted attempts did nothing to persuade him that a pacifier was the better choice.  No, what he finally settled on was his finger.  He sucks his index finger.  Kids always keep you guessing, I suppose.

Delicious finger.  

Now, while you're all here, I want to apologize for any typos in yesterday's post.  I can assure you that they're mine and not Sherry's.  Also, I don't want to blame anybody, but if SOMEONE (who may or may not be pictured above) would start going to bed before 10, I'd probably do a better job proofreading.  Or, let's be honest, proofread at all.  

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  1. I would like to comment on this post instead and tell you that Will is a cutie.


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