Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's already September?!

September.  Lots of exciting things happening month!  My birthday for one thing.  And really, do you need any other reason to be excited about September?  Okay fine.  Maybe it's just an exciting month for ME.  I get to see my friend Katie when she's in GJ on Friday; I get to see family when we go to Denver later this month.  My friend Sherry just published her first book (get it here) and she's having a book signing next week and I'll be interviewing her for the blog (cause she loves me so I'm on her blog book tour even though I have like 5 readers.)  Will is going to be 9 months old this month, which I find hard to believe since I'm pretty sure he was born like, last week.  Anyway, busy month.  Hopefully it will be lots of fun and not just lots of crazy.  What fun things are you doing this month?

P.S.  If you have something you're dying to ask a newly published author of young adult literature, let me know and I'll ask.


  1. I love exciting months!! It sure makes time go by fast, which is wonderful. I think we're approaching the years that I'll start forgetting your age, and every time someone asks I'll have to do the math from my age. Wanna know the bad thing about September? School starts and that means so does Flu season! Agghh! :(

  2. It sounds like a really excellent month for you! Lots of fun and a little celebrating! How cool is that, that you know an author?! I checked out her book and it looks awesome! Have a wonderful month and Happy Birthday, soon!


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