Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Kalena loves her Ba. And my dad has trained her to let other people know that. When you ask her, "Who do you love?" She'll say, "Ba!" Brian has been trying to train her to say "dada" instead, but it only works sometimes. Usually the conversation goes like this:

Me: Who do you love?
Kalena: Ba!
Me: Who else?
Kalena: Ba.
Me: Who else?
Kalena: (Looks at me like I'm stupid) Baaaaaaa.
Me: Who else?
Kalena: ummm, dada.

But the other day the truth came out. My dad had just given Kalena part of an ice cream bar which she was happily eating when we started having the "who do you love" conversation. We had just decided that the reason Kalena always says "Ba" is that my dad was bribing her with ice cream and Brian only bribes her with cookies. So this time we asked, "who's bribes do you love?" and, with her face covered in ice cream, Kalena smiled a huge smile and said, "Ba!"


  1. He he! Grandpa knows what he doing! Take notes! :)

  2. That's the best! You should start asking her things like, "Who's going to pay for you to go to college?"



  3. When my kids only know how to say "Da" I always ask them who should change their diaper...Da! Then pass them to their daddy.


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