Thursday, September 17, 2009

You like hearing me complain right?

My sister Kirsta swears by thrift stores for kids clothes (well, and her clothes too I think.) But personally I'm an eBay fan. (I've posted about this before, remember?) For me, eBay combines the convenience of online shopping with the deals you can get in thrift stores. Anyway, I've been shopping recently for some clothes for Kalena because not only has she just about outgrown all her clothes, it's getting cold around here and her winter wardrobe currently consists of NOTHING. Okay, that's not entirely true, I already bought a few things on eBay last week and they got here Tuesday. But before they came! NOTHING!

So as I said, I've been shopping for some fall and winter clothes for Kalena. I know that shopping on eBay usually means looking at lots of stuff that isn't what I want or need, BUT... When a seller labels something "girls clothes fall/winter" I expect clothes for, you know, FALL or WINTER. Aka COLD weather. I'll forgive the occasional t-shirt or short skirt, but seriously sellers? Tank tops and shorts are not fall or winter clothing. Or, if you live somewhere with weather warm enough for that to be a fall/winter wardrobe, maybe you should rethink your labeling. Because my guess is, people who are looking for fall and winter clothes want WARM clothing. And throwing in a single long sleeved shirt and pair of pants doesn't make up for all those shorts. I'm just saying.


  1. Sounds like your day was kinda like my day. I have a post in the works of me complaining. Me complain? Never!

  2. REI makes really warm toddler clothes.

  3. You're right, thrift for me, too! I don't buy it for Joe, though, he gets too many free shirts from work to ever need me to fill in the gaps!


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