Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stairway to, well, just upstairs

Kalena has decided that climbing the stairs is her new favorite game. She gets mad when we put the gate up so she can't get to them. So these days we get to spend lots of time following her up them.

See how fun?!

Almost there.

Made it!

She doesn't know how to come down yet, so we get to follow her up and carry her back down. At least it counts for some exercise right?


  1. Fun for you!!!! I can't believe you don't find it as exciting as she does. :)

  2. I think she's going to break her face if she smiles any bigger! Quick, make her sad, it's the only way to save her face!

    WAY random, but I've been thinking - you also need books by Mercer Mayor and Sandra Boynton (I really like Green Hat, Blue Hat).

  3. She is the happiest baby alive!! Holy crap, haha. I can't believe you still have that green candle. And I love Missy's dress!!


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