Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maybe mail them a little sooner next time hmm?

On Monday (the 9th) we got a postcard in the mail for a store I've never been to before. It was advertising a clearance sale. The sale was running from February 26th through March 7th. I think the store's management team must have had a meeting that went something like this:

Head Guy: We need to get our name out there! Let's send out fliers advertising our store!

Marketing Guy: Well, people would probably be more likely to come in if you're advertising a sale.

Head Guy: Okay, we'll have a clearance sale! Let's send out fliers advertising it!

Accounting Guy: Ummmm, we really need to be selling at full price to stay in the black here.

Marketing Guy: Oh, that could be a problem.

Guy who is just there to figure out more ways to scam people*: I've got an idea. We'll have a sale, but we won't send out the advertisement fliers until the sale is almost over. That way, people will get them and want to come check out our store, but they will have already missed the sale! It's perfect.

Head Guy: Scammer guy, you're my hero.

Or, you know, something along those lines. I probably wouldn't have gone even if I'd gotten the flier sooner, but I'm definitely not going to a store knowing everything WAS just on sale and now it isn't.

*What? Is that not a standard position in marketing?


  1. I've gotten coupons like that before. It always cracks me up.

  2. People gotta have things to do for 40 hours a week even though I'm convinced most non-labor jobs could really get done in like half the time. I think society invented email and spreadsheets just to keep us looking productive on the computer.


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