Monday, February 2, 2009

About this sleeping through the night business

Kalena doesn't always sleep all night. Now, I know you're saying-- But Elsha! What about that post you wrote about how nice it was to get some sleep now that Kalena is sleeping through the night?! And you're right; I did write that post, and I wasn't lying. We're still getting sleep. Because these days when Kalena wakes up she doesn't need us to help her back to sleep. Wake ups that used to start with fussing and escalate to crying and needing a bottle are now just a few minutes of fussing before going back to sleep. Sometimes she doesn't fuss at all, she just talks to herself for a few minutes before going back to sleep. Most night she does this at least once between her bedtime and ours. (I have no idea how often she does it in the middle of the night, because we keep the monitor turned down low enough that we'll only hear it if she's actually crying.)

Really the whole thing sort of surprised me. I expected that she'd start sleeping through the night on and off before doing it on any sort of regular basis and instead one week she didn't sleep through the night at all and the next week she did it every night. Also, I expected that she would just stop waking during the night (they do call it SLEEPING through the night after all) not that she would up and start putting herself back to sleep. But hey, I'm not complaining! We never did anything to try to make her sleep through the night and I'm glad about that. I'm pretty sure trying to force it before she was ready would have driven me crazy. Sleep deprived was enough, I didn't need to add crazy on top of that.

Anyway, I'm sure that none of you care about the sleep habits of my child. I would make it up to you by posting pictures of her, but my camera battery is dead and I have NO IDEA where the charger is. More cleaning is in order I guess. I'll stop rambling now.


  1. That's awesome that she puts herself back to sleep. I am weening L right now. She woke up last night and was really upset I wouldn't feed her. She cried of and on for who knows how long. It's what I get for not pushing it sooner. She slept through the night for awhile and I just thought she'd naturally go back to it. Nope. Oh well at last I got un-brother-interuppted time with her.

  2. I'm just glad you said deprived instead of depribed. But I guess you're not from Utah. I'm sure that had something to do with it. :p

  3. How 'bout we switch baby temperments on the next go-round? I think that could be fun... for me....

  4. Hey, I care about the sleep habits of Kalena. After all, I am her VTer too... Think I can make that into a card?


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