Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home again

Bad: Icy roads all the way through Glenwood canyon on the drive home.
Good: Made an easy $50 when someone backed into our car in an icy gas station parking lot in Vail. No damage done to our car. And seriously? Have you seen our car? It's probably worth about $50.

Bad: After we got home we both got that nasty stomach bug that everyone else had around Thanksgiving.
Good: Jump start to some new year's weight loss-- 5 pounds between Monday and today. Although...not sure it was worth it.

Bad: House is a disaster as a result of Kalena getting into everything and us not cleaning anything up. All the laying around really gets in the way of cleaning ya know.
Good: Holiday weekend means extra time to clean up! Wait-- is that good?

I guess I get to spend tomorrow drinking ginger ale and cleaning house. Wow. Happy New Year.


  1. Hahaha Great list!
    Glad you're back safe!

  2. We had the exact same new years!! Laying on the couch dying with a 2 liter of Ginger Ale! Fun. Happy new years to you guys!

  3. Happy new year, ya sick-o's! Spend your $50 celebrating when you get better.


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