Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I always thought it was fun to have cousins my own age so I'm glad Kalena and her two cousins are so close together. I don't know that she'll appreciate it until she's a little older, but it was lots of fun watching her interact with Patrick over Thanksgiving. He's about 4 months older than she is. We'll see how things go at Christmas when they're all three there. Patrick will be 11 months old, Espen will be 10 months, and Kalena will be 7 months. I'm sure they'll be getting into everything.

Kalena: I'm not sure that hat is the best look for you.

Kalena: Here, use this tape to attach the last one.
Patrick: Yeah right, like that will work.

Patrick: Mom! Kalena's touching my walker again!

Kalena: Nice drool spot there PJ.
Patrick: Oh like you're doing such a great job keeping it all in your mouth missy.


  1. You're right, that hat ISN'T the best look for Patrick. He looks better in the blue ring. Too bad Missy's light onsie didn't give away the extent of her drool-icious-ness, those kids could have a wet t-shirt contest!

  2. Wow Kalena is getting so big! it is so crazy how fast baby's grow!!


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