Monday, April 9, 2012

Fancy dressed up pictures

I promised fancy dressed up pictures so here they are. I took about a hundred. There are about 3 good ones. Most of the pictures of Kalena look something like this:

I finally got her to look at the camera AND smile at the same time. (15 pictures of her- she's looking and smiling in 2 of them.)

Will didn't really want to cooperate at all. Which is too bad, because you don't get the full effect of his darling outfit in these pictures.

And finally, Brian with the kids. One of the neighbors was doing yard work, and apparently that was FAR more interesting than the lady behind the camera. (That would be me.) 

There you have it! And next time I'll bombard you with pictures of the kids in pajamas with Easter baskets. Or pictures of the kids looking for eggs. Or both! I keep taking pictures like I'm a photographer even though I am so NOT.


  1. I was totally going to buy those shoes for Amelia! Both the kids look darling, as usual. Will's hair grows like weeds.. Must take after his dad!

  2. CUTE! You gotta love the mini-man in the tie. Hysterical.

  3. Good heavens, your children are cute. And Kalena's face in the first picture made me laugh.


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