Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swaddle free

Not sure how I missed posting about this, but Will is no longer being swaddled.  Somewhere between six and seven months we quit.  Just quit.  No half swaddle, no trying it at naps first.  He slept through the night for like 4 nights in a row when we first did it.  (The sleeping all night has been on and off since then.)  He'll even sleep on the floor if you lay him there.  See?


  1. I think being more active helps with better naps/nights, too! Eli's been taking shorter naps with Patrick gone - nobody to wrestle him and wear him out!

  2. Dang cute little non-swaddled guy.

  3. everytime i see his face, i just think how stinkin' cute he is!!! :D


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