Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lately Kalena has decided that just gurgling and cooing noises weren't enough, so she's started making raspberry noises all the time. She will even interrupt herself fussing to do it which makes me laugh. I caught her today on camera. She's not facing me because whenever she sees the camera she just stares at it.

She doesn't start right away, but she's loud once she does. Also, yahoo for my first video posting!


  1. She sounds like the toilet scene from Dumb and Dumber. HAHAHa. Cutie

  2. Now we're all going to wonder who is farting during sacrament meeting! LOL

  3. So cute!! Poor Jordan just smiles and laughs all the time; she won't make other noises!

  4. This gets EVEN BETTER when they do the raspberry while eating a graham cracker and you get sprayed with mush! SO yummy. What a cutie!


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