Sunday, May 18, 2008

It has begun

So this morning, around 2:30 Elsha started actual labor. Not these worthless, whimpy contractions she has been have for the last week and a half, but real monster ones (well at least from what I can tell). It's about 7:00 now and she's been averaging about 3 minutes between for the last few hours now, so I am guessing we will be heading to the hospital soon. I will start sending out calls as soon as the deed is done. Just wanted to give a little "shout out" to all of you who were awaiting some news.

If you want to be sure you get a phone call leave a message here and I will make sure you get one. Thank you all for all of your support, hope to talk to you soon!!  


  1. That would be me just waiting to hear!! Yeah! Good luck you two - let us know! I'm so excited.

  2. bob and i definitely want to hear the good news!!

  3. I am on pins and needles! Call me!

  4. SO excited to hear the news!!! (and if Elsha feels like accepting visitors some time....) :)


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